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What people say

For a detailed review of our ‘Embodied leadership and How to get the best out of your team’ workshop please click on the link here:


What attendees have said:


I felt that the concepts taught can be applied in practice to much further than just management roles. The course is applicable for new and also for experienced professionals.  I could immediately think of areas that I felt the course will help me improve and I could also relate with experiences that I already have been successful and get a better understanding on the reasons of success.


 The delivery of the course was novel, very well received and kept my full attention at all times.  There was no need to keep notes, just remember what we practiced on the matt and make the association. Brilliant!

Georgios Rafeletos - Dassault Systemes Biovia Ltd

As a result of this course, I have improved awareness of what myself and others are embodying/communicating in a variety of different situations. This new awareness calls my attention to things I might otherwise not have been aware of, e.g. what my posture communicates to others (and to me), and what others are communicating via their bodies.


Paul Diamond -  Management Consultant

I have a greater understanding of how to apply the concepts to life.  I found myself driving through a village with ridiculously narrow streets  where you often come across heavy, large vehicles, cars parked on roads etc., much more confidently and smoothly. I noticed the difference was positively aware and relaxed and drove with the confidence that I had practiced in the dojo.  The resulting drive was smoother, more efficient and more joyful!


Kathryn Knock - Confidence Coach


It definitely helped to relax the mind and become more open to new ways of being and working with others when not sitting round an office table.  A great antidote to ‘normal ‘ working life.

Morag Warrack  - Happiness Coach

Extremely effective. I was attentive throughout, this was an effortless process. I have to confess that to buy the time to be able to attend I was up until 04:00am getting off papers for my Governing Body. The course was engaging to the degree that I did not once feel fatigued throughout the day though I had only slept for three hours. I ended the course with lightness of being, and with confidence.

James Kelly - Senior Tutor - Cambridge University

Where this course will hopefully be most effective for me is in dealing with difficult situations that abruptly confront you and force you to think on your feet. Being more mindful of the immediate physical response and taking time to respond appropriately.

Senior Manager- Biovia Ltd

Just wanted to say, as a new week begins, and I reflect on the last, what a special day Friday was.

Thank you Quentin for the teachings and the opportunity. And to everyone for the engaging and open atmosphere.

Shari Khan - Business Owner - Trainsform

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