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students undertaking an exercise

A teacher/coach in aikido is called a sensei, and a good sensei, will:


  • Know his/her students well.

  • Provide honest and objective feedback, even when it is difficult to do so.

  • Give insight into the way forward.

  • Wear many hats, counsellor, confidante, advisor, just as a student needs.

  • Offer a safe place to train.

  • Be open to new ideas.

  • Give what it takes, to help students  develop

  • Create an atmosphere that maximises the learning for all students, no matter what their level.

  • Be innovative and always looks for new and better ways to practise and to teach.

  • Is always open to questions.

  • Looks to the future and seeks to ensure that the next generation are better equipped to carry on the good work.

  • Have great communication skills.

  • Be able to tailor his/her teaching to the needs of each and every student

  • Never forget that they are a student too.


Quentin has been operating in the business world for over 36 years, and managed his own successful financial services business for 20+ years.  Guiding clients, (individuals and corporate alike) through the delicate matter of finance so they can achieve their financial goals, looking after his staff and maintaining his own personal healthy work/ life balance are what drives him.  A key component underlying all of this is the fact that he has been a student of aikido for 33 years, a sensei for 29 years  and has run his own dojo for 25+ years.  


He is very experienced in assessing people's needs and giving them what they need to progress.  He has a thriving club and students regularly feedback that the things they learn on the mat make a real difference to their lives off it.  He is also well known for his integrity and widely respected in the aikido community both nationally and increasingly, internationally for his work in promoting aikido.


When business leaders take on a coach, they usually want someone who is able to offer and can successfully provide many, if not all of the same skills.  The fact is that running a business can be  lonely  and it’s really helpful to have someone you respect, who can offer honest and objective feedback, who can act as sounding board for exploring problems and new ideas, who is insightful about you and your business and who has the necessary experience to appreciate what it takes to run a business successful.


Quentin has honed his skills in his business life and community work but his methodology is driven by what he has learnt on the mat. He is very personable and easy to get on with and Quentin will help you become the sensei in your business.

                                                  The Business Dojo, 16 Low Road, Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0EJ  -   Tel. 07802 857150 

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