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Training Modules

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Organisations and businesses, just like people, are unique entities with their own distinct identities.  As such, their  training requirements will differ and be most effective when tailored to their specific needs.  The Business Dojo, whilst offering some standard modules, is more than happy to discuss your particular requirements, which may mean adapting existing modules or creating new ones.  In developing the courses, we have found that essentially everything routes back to the  application of the same fundamental principles, and its just the framework and focus that changes when tailoring your training needs.

We offer 3 potential starting points on any agreed training module to businesses, and the costs reflect the fee for the course.  The costs shown are just for the training.  (We are happy to organise courses for individuals, so if you are interested in any particular module then email us):


1.         The taster session-(1 hour of training) - £300 + VAT


This would be sufficient for attendees to taste the core ideas at the heart of all the Business Dojo’s training at a basic level.  It should be sufficient to motivate staff to want to discover more and to understand  why it makes sense to apply them in the work setting as they will  have a positive impact on the fundamental business culture, by improving efficiency and job satisfaction, all of which will help increase your profitability.


2.         The half day-(3 hours of training) - £800 + VAT


We will provide attendees with a much better personal understanding of the core ideas and the ability to re-produce the effects outside of the training session.  Whereas the taster session might make it clear how the ideas could impact positively on the daily workings of your organisation/business, after this session staff will know enough to have the potential to use the principles effectively within the business and to start the process of improvement.


3.         The full day-(6 hours of training) - £1,500 +VAT


In a day, we will build on 2, by specifically exploring how the ideas can be directly applied to your organisation/business and  explore specific action plans to be implemented after the event.  Of course, this is by far the best way to get the most value from your investment.  Simply put, it will have a much more direct and immediate effect delivering positive changes to your organisation/ business and giving you the best return on your training investment.'

In the first instance, we are happy to meet with you on a no committment, no cost basis to discuss your requirements to discuss  how we might work together.  If you decide that you wish to use our services, we will agree a precise programme and the  associated cost.

Core Modules

Embodied Leadership and How to get the Best out of Your Team


 Your body carries you through life and it is the means by which you present yourself to the world.  How you use it has a huge impact on how you will be perceived.  The link between body and mind is inextricable, and knowing that changes in the body can affect how you feel (and vice versa) is an essential skill in good leadership.  The beauty is that once you learn to appreciate your body and how it represents you, the easier it becomes to communicate with and influence others.


This Business Dojo module will help you to:


  • Understand the link between mind and body.

  • Develop self-awareness of your body, so that you can maximise the time when you present your best self.

  • Learn ideas to maximise the impact of your dealings with employees.

  • Techniques for dealing with stress and how to develop a positive mindset.

For more details see pdf

Effective Teams


An effective team not only has all the relevant skills hard wired into its being, but also knows how to employ them and how to work together effectively.  The sum of the parts should be greater than the whole.  This only happens when the members of the team appreciate the value of what their colleagues bring to the party and are able to utilise their skills effectively and in their turn are respected and valued by other team members .


This Business Dojo module will help you:


  • Understand  your own abilities and appreciate those of your colleagues.

  • Work together effectively, supporting each other through times of challenge.

  • Learn powerful techniques to reduce conflict and enhance collaboration.

  • Build the capacity of the team to come up with creative solutions to problems. 

  • Maximise the ability of the team to successfully achieve its goals.

Creating a Positive Culture


There is no doubt negativity creates more of the same, but the good news is that the reverse is true.  In the first scenario, everything becomes more difficult to achieve and the harder you try the harder everything seems to become.  Again the reverse is true of a positive culture.


This Business Dojo module will help you:


  • Understand what it’s like in your body, when you are positive and how to use that to be positive in your daily life.

  • Become aware of the possibilities rather than focusing on the problems.

  • Appreciate the circumstances in which it’s easy to be positive.

  • Create a climate in which positivity thrives.

  • Develop the ability be resilient and agile when the going gets tough.


The inability to cope with stress results in poor leadership, ineffective management teams and failing organisations.  Yet stress is often what you make of it.  In aikido, we create stress by asking our training partner to physically attack us.  We soon learn that the normal response of fear or aggression, just do not work well.  Instead, we need to develop a sense of calm, centred awareness, which allows us to perform at an optimum level.


This Business Dojo module will help you to:


  • Develop a stronger sense of self.

  • Learn simple techniques and habits for reducing stress and finding calmness, even under stress.

  • Become centred and grounded.

  • Preserve your personal space.

  • Meet challenge effectively.

  • How to create an environment that minimises stress in the first place.

Looking Beyond the Problem



The trouble with problems is that we tend to become focused on them and we lose sight of what is possible rather than what is not.  Sometimes the solution is literally right in front of our faces, but we cannot see the wood for the trees.


This Business Dojo module will help you:


  • Appreciate how easy it is to lose focus on what you want to do, when a problem arises.

  • Understand that usually there are many options to get round, over, under or through a problem.  You just need to understand what is possible and focus on that, rather than what is impossible or at least very difficult.

  • Learn some basic principles for resolving many problems.

  • Appreciate that many problems are not problems at all, but just an opportunity to be creative and from which you can learn and grow.

                                                  The Business Dojo, 16 Low Road, Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0EJ  -   Tel. 07802 857150 

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